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Vasen Brewing Company

Vasen Brewing Company, located in Richmond, Virginia, is a craft brewery that is making a name for itself in the local beer scene. With a commitment to using only the finest ingredients and a dedication to the art of brewing, Vasen has quickly gained a loyal following of beer enthusiasts.

One of the things that sets Vasen Brewing Company apart is their focus on sustainability. They prioritize using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and make conscious efforts to minimize waste throughout their brewing process. This commitment to environmental responsibility is not only admirable, but it also adds to the quality and taste of their beers. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs or smooth stouts, Vasen has a wide range of options to cater to every beer lover’s palate. So, if you’re in the Richmond area and looking for a unique and unforgettable craft beer experience, be sure to check out Vasen Brewing Company.

Vasen Brewing Company

Circuit Arcade Bar

Circuit Arcade Bar is a vibrant and energetic spot located in the heart of the city. From the moment you step inside, you are instantly transported to a world of retro fun and nostalgia. The neon lights, classic arcade games, and upbeat music create an atmosphere that is impossible to resist. Whether you’re a fan of Pac-Man, Street Fighter, or pinball, you’ll find all your favorite games here, meticulously maintained for your gaming pleasure. And if you’re not quite sure how to play a game, don’t worry – the friendly staff is always ready to lend a hand and share their insider tips and tricks. So grab a joystick and get ready to unleash your inner gaming geek at Circuit Arcade Bar.

But Circuit Arcade Bar is more than just a place to play games – it’s a hub of social interaction and community. The spacious layout encourages mingling and friendly competition, making it the perfect spot for a night out with friends or even a casual date. The bar offers a wide selection of craft beers and signature cocktails to fuel your gaming adventures, ensuring that you never run out of liquid courage to conquer that next level. With its lively ambiance and welcoming vibe, Circuit Arcade Bar is not just a place for gaming enthusiasts; it’s a destination where memories are made and connections are forged.

Circuit Arcade Bar

The Preserve

The Preserve is a vibrant and energetic establishment that effortlessly combines a modern ambiance with a rustic charm. As you step inside, you are immediately greeted by the warm glow of Edison bulbs hanging from the high ceilings, casting a cozy glow on the brick walls adorned with vintage photographs. The spacious seating arrangement offers both comfortable booths and large communal tables, making it the perfect spot for a lively gathering with friends or an intimate date night.

The menu at The Preserve showcases a delightful fusion of classic and contemporary American cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy burger piled high with toppings or a lighter option like the quinoa and avocado salad, there is something to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss out on their innovative selection of craft cocktails, expertly crafted by their skilled mixologists. From the zesty and refreshing Paloma to the elegant and sophisticated Old Fashioned, these libations are sure to enhance your dining experience at The Preserve.

The Preserve

Tang & Biscuit

Tang & Biscuit is a thriving hotspot in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. This unique establishment effortlessly combines the nostalgia of roller skating with the excitement of a full-service bar. As soon as you step inside, you are greeted by the vibrant energy and buzzing atmosphere. The enticing aroma of freshly baked biscuits wafts through the air, tantalizing your taste buds and giving you a warm, comforting feeling.

Once inside, you’ll notice the spacious rink, adorned with colorful lights and sleek, modern decor. Skating enthusiasts of all ages can be seen whizzing past, their laughter and cheerful shouts filling the room. Tang & Biscuit provides a fun and lively environment, perfect for a night out with friends or a family gathering. And if skating isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, including arcade games and shuffleboard. It’s a place where fun knows no limits, and memories are made around every corner.

Tang & Biscuit


What is Scott’s Addition in Richmond known for?

Scott’s Addition is known for its vibrant food and drink scene, with a wide range of breweries, bars, and restaurants to explore.

What is the Vasen Brewing Company?

Vasen Brewing Company is a popular brewery located in Scott’s Addition. They offer a variety of craft beers and often host events and live music.

What can I expect at the Circuit Arcade Bar?

The Circuit Arcade Bar is a unique spot in Scott’s Addition where you can enjoy classic arcade games while sipping on craft cocktails. It’s a great place to unwind and have some fun with friends.

What is The Preserve?

The Preserve is a trendy restaurant in Scott’s Addition that focuses on modern American cuisine. They source their ingredients locally and offer a diverse menu with options for everyone.

What can I do at Tang & Biscuit?

Tang & Biscuit is a social club and shuffleboard bar in Scott’s Addition. You can enjoy a game of shuffleboard while indulging in their food and drink offerings.

Are there any other breweries in Scott’s Addition?

Yes, Scott’s Addition is known for its numerous breweries. In addition to Vasen Brewing Company, you can also check out Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, The Veil Brewing Co., and Ardent Craft Ales.

Is Scott’s Addition a family-friendly area?

While Scott’s Addition is known for its vibrant nightlife, it also offers family-friendly activities. Places like Tang & Biscuit and The Preserve are suitable for all ages.

Are there any outdoor activities in Scott’s Addition?

While Scott’s Addition is primarily an urban area, there are nearby parks and outdoor spaces to enjoy. The nearby Bryan Park and Byrd Park are great options for outdoor activities and picnics.